How to Recycle Motor Scrap?

//How to Recycle Motor Scrap?

Metal recycling is always a big part in the whole recycling industry. Electric Motor also contains some kinds of metal like copper, steel or aluminum. Is it worth to recycle motor scrap? Simply speaking, the answer is yes.

electric motorCopper ones are the most common electric motors used because they do such a great job of conducting the electricity and power through the appliance they are used in. They are worth a lot more than ordinary scrap iron. To get full value, just disconnected it from a mounting base, pulley, pump or anything else that may be attached. The idea is to sell just the motor itself so the ratio of steel to copper will be correct when the consumer buys it for recycling.

Some appliances,like washers and dryers, have electrical motors with aluminum winding. These are merely worth scrap iron price. The fate of them is to be sent to a shredder so the aluminum can be separated from the steel after it is ground up.Refrigeration compressors are used in air conditioning units, refrigerators and freezers. They have copper winding inside a steel shell. The steel content is heavier than it is in the electric motors, so they bring less money, but it is still quit a bit more than ordinary scrap iron.

Another problem is how to recycle them efficiently. Still by hand?You are kidding. Motor recycling machine is designed to recover the copper wire in various scrap motors. By using it, copper wire and silicon steel case can be recycled efficiently, greatly improving economic benefits. Motor recycling machines consist of two machines:copper cutting and copper wire pulling machine. Copper wire cutting machine is used to cut one end of copper winding in the motor, while copper wire pulling machine is used to pull copper winding out of the motor.

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