General Knowledge of Our Metal Crusher

//General Knowledge of Our Metal Crusher

Metal crusher can crush any metal into metal granules so that to reduce transportation cost and increase the speed of casting into furnace. It is quite suitable for small and medium enterprises.


Advantages of Our Metal Crusher
1. The machine is very durable. The hammer adopts cast steel. Adopts manganese steel lining plate inside the machine, largely increase the capacity. The paint on the metal can be removed cleanly. Paint removing rate are above 95%. Reinforcing ribs outside the machine casing makes the crusher never deform.
2. Special designed feeding inlet, no material splashing during working.
3. Stable performance, easy to operate, low noise.
4. Crushing metals thoroughly and effectively. Large capacity, low power consumption, high efficiency. The metal granules are small and uniform.
5. Hydraulic system making maintenance more safe and convenient, one person is enough to do the work.
6. Conveyer belt can be equipped for material feeding and discharging, largely increase work efficiency.


7. Magnetic separator equipped at the outlet for aluminum and iron separation, remove iron and other impurities thoroughly.
8. Air blower and dust collector equipped to remove paint and dust thoroughly.
9. Sieves can be changed as you need to have metal granules of different size.
10. The equipment and motor adopts adjustable base, more safe and convenient.
11. Motor power are optional according to available power supply and metal to be processed.
12. We can customize the scrap metal crusher according to your specific conditions.
Application of Metal Crusher Machine
Metal crusher has wide applications. By choosing different models, you can crush any metals, no matter large or small.
Large metals: refrigerater, TV set, bicycle, motorcycle, cars, computer, rotor, etc.
Small metals: zip-top can, beer cap, paint can, oil barrel, etc.






Working Principle of Metal Crusher
The metal crusher is made by fully utilizing the theories of impacting, shearing, striking and grinding. The motor drives the hammer to beat the materials in turn with high speed into granules with required size, which then discharge from the sieve.

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