How to Maintain Metal Baler

//How to Maintain Metal Baler

Metal baler is used to extrude waste metals into various shapes, such as cuboid, octagon, and cylinder. It can be applied to many industries, such as metal recycling industry, scrap car dismantling industry, metal smelting industry, mechanical processing industry and so on.


For the wide application of metal baler, people are also very concerned about its maintenance. Here are some tips about how to maintain metal baler.
1. The oil that used to fill up the oil tank should go through strict filtering.
2. The oil tank should be kept with enough amount of oil; fuel up immediately if not enough to avoid oil pump producing noise for running out of oil.
3. Clean up the oil tank and change the oil semi-annually. For new machine the first time oil change interval should not exceed one month. The changed oil can be used for a second time after strict filtering.
4. Fill lubricating oil to all the lubrication parts before the machine is started. Add lubricatiing oil 3-5 times every shift.
5. After every shift clean up the pressing box and keep the tidiness of the equipment.
6. For those people who are untranied, unfamiliar with the structure, performance and operating instruction of the machine should not start the machine without authorization.
7. Stop the machine immediately if serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomenon occurs in the baling process, forcing the machine to continue work under this situation is forbidden.


8. Fixing or touching moving parts of the machine in operating or baling condition is not allowed; It is strictly forbidden to press the raw material in the material box with hands or feet.
9. Pump, valve, and pressure gauge should be adjusted by experienced worker; if anything is wrong with pressure gauge, check, repair, and replacement should be carried out promptly.
10. Make detailed maintenance and safe operation rules according to specific conditions.
By using the equipment correctly, maintain it according to the regulations in earnest and conform strictly to the safe operation rules, we can prolong the service life of the machine, increase work efficiency and ensure safety in production.

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