Temperature Rise in the Hydraulic Oil of Metal Baler

//Temperature Rise in the Hydraulic Oil of Metal Baler

Metal baler helps save labor cost and increase work efficiency. It plays important roles in metal recycling, processing and smelting industry. The working medium of metal baler-hydraulic oil-plays important roles in metal baler. This can be seen from the chief components of the baler.


Chief Components of Hydraulic Metal Baler
1. Body part. It is welded by steel plate. The materials are stacked here.
2. Motor. It is the power unit of the baler, turning electric energy to mechanical energy.
3. Oil pump. It turns the hydraulic oil from quiescent state to motion state.
4. Oil cylinder. It extrudes the scrap metal in the press box.
5. Valve group. It controls the forward and backward of the piston in the oil cylinder.
6. Hydraulic oil. It acts as the blood to maintain the normal running of the baling press machine.
As hydraulic oil is so important for a hydraulic baling machine, it shall be paid attention to keep a good state. As you are a metal baler user, you may find that the temperature of hydraulic oil will rise after long time operation. Then what’s the reason?


Temperature Rise of Hydraulic Oil
When the metal baler works, there are many power loss in the machine, such as mechanical friction and viscous resistance loss in the oil cylinder; leakage loss inside and outside various components; energy loss and pressure loss within the valves and pipes, etc. Most of the power loss is converted to heat, so that the hydralic oil and component will have a temperature rise. This rise will become rapid when the machine works overload. Excessive temperature will degrade performance of the metal baler, reduce the service life of components and increase the failure rate of the baler, thus seriously affecting the normal production and bringing huge loss.
To maintain the good working condition of the hydraulic baling press, we shall adopt some measures to reduce the temperature of hyraulic oil.


How to Reduce the Temperature of Hydraulic Oil
1. Add air-cooled and water-cooled hydraulic oil cooler. Clean the cooler periodically.
2. Hydraulic oil with poor quality is strictly forbidden to be used.
3. Reduce the working pressure of hydraulic system properly, avoiding too much pressure on the system and overload operation of the equipment, so that the hydraulic oil can reduce the friction effectively, and further reduce the temperature.
4. Check the hydraulic components periodically. Change the motor and oil pump if there are any damage. Motor and oil pump with good conditions can reduce the temperature of hydraulic oil effectively.
With proper measures, your hydraulic metal baler will keep working well for you, helping you with an efficient baling experience.

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