Metal Crusher-Remove Paint from Scrap Aluminum Cans Easily

//Metal Crusher-Remove Paint from Scrap Aluminum Cans Easily

On the surface of aluminum can there is a layer of paint coating, which occupies 3.2% of the total weight of the aluminum can. Scrap aluminum cans shall be free of paint before they are cast into the furnace.


Why Remove Paint from Scrap Aluminum Cans?
The organism in the paint coating of aluminum cans is highly flammable, and can burn at 550℃ with enough oxygen if kindling is present, while the melting temperature of pure aluminum is 660℃. If scrap aluminum cans are cast into the melting furnace with the paint on, along with the melting of aluminum, the paint surface will also burn, so that


1. The local temperature in the furnace will become too high, result in the burning of the aluminum which is very thin and produce aluminum oxide residue.
2. The impurity content in the aluminum will increase and bubble will be produced, degrading the quality of second ingot.
3. The harmful smoke produced during the burning of paint coating will heavily pollute the environment.
4. The burning of aluminum and scorification will cause aluminum loss with a rate that can reach 20%.
On the other side, if aluminum cans are smelted without paint coatings on, then the recycling will have a high productivity, low power consumption, low loss and the alloy composition in the product will be easy to control.
So to have high quality aluminum or aluminium alloy, the paint coating on the surface of aluminum cans shall be removed.




Metal Crusher-Getting Metal Granules with No Paint and No Impurity
Our metal crusher adopts highly durable blade which can strip off the paint from the aluminum cans thoroughly. Blower and dust colletor equipped can remove the paint and impurities effectively to ensure clean metal granules. The paint removing rate is above 95%. Besides, our metal crusher is widely used in steel industry for high quality steel. There will be no smoke and bad smell when smelting.

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