PVC Cable and PVC Recycling

//PVC Cable and PVC Recycling

PVC in the Wire and Cable Industry
PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride) was first used as cable insulation in replace of rubber during the World War II, and now is the most commonly used material for insulation and sheathing in the wire and cable industry.
PVC_Insulated_CableAdvantages of Using PVC for Cable Insulation and Sheathing
Electrical Insulation
PVC has excellent electrical insulation properties, which makes it ideal to be use in the insulation of wires and cables.
PVC is rather cheap to purchase, and its long lifespan and durability makes it more cost-effective – it doesn’t need to be replaced or repaired for a relatively long time.
Flame Retardation
PVC has inherent flame retardancy. It is difficult to ignite and if the source of ignition is taken away, it will not continue burning.
The addition of plasticisers give PVC the flexibility to bend and twist without cracking, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Benefits of PVC Recycling
PVC cable insulation can be recycled at the end of its useful life. Recycling PVC cable has the following benefits.
Environment Impact
Landfills are an undesirable way of PVC disposal. When landfilled, it will leach toxic additives and release dioxin, which contaminate groundwater. Landfill cost is high and dumping PVC scrap into landfills will take up valuable land space.


Business Impact
PVC scrap can be reprocessed into new products, such as the inner core in hoses, industrial flooring and mud flaps, which reduces cost instead of purchasing new virgin material.
Company Image
As consumers are inclined to buy more green products, recycling PVC will improve the public image and bring broader markets.
How to Recycle PVC Cable Plastic?
After recovering the metal from cable waste, by copper cable granulator or by wire stripping machine, you can use the PVC granulator to recycle the leftover PVC insulation or jacket materials. The machine is used to make granules from high density materials, such as insulation material, jacket material, and transparent plastic. The granules made by this machine is solid, full and smooth.

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