Something About Waste Stream

//Something About Waste Stream

How much do you know about waste stream? It is also known as source sectors when referring more directly to the sector origin, indicate the general source of waste material, which can be divided into MSW, C&I and C&D.

Most of us are more familiar with MSW. MSW, that is, municipal solid waste, refers to waste produced primarily by households and council facilities, which include biodegradable material, recyclable material materials such as bottle, paper, aluminum cans, glass, etc and a wide range of non-degradable material including plastic bags, paint, bulb and furniture. MSW is also the main field which we pay attention to. Aluminum cans, glass and paper are all good recyclable materials and business opportunities. Take aluminum cans for example. With large scale and metal crusher, those can be shipped to any buyer with a good price.

C&I refers to commercial and industrial waste. It is produced by institutions and business, including waste from schools, restaurants, offices, retail and wholesale business and industries including manufacturing like AC manufacturing. In the process of AC manufacturing, it will generate some unqualified AC radiator. Once them are unqualified, they needed to be given up. If the factory throws it away, that would a waste of resource and a great loss for the factory. AC radiator recycling machine can get copper pipes and aluminum fin discharged separately within seconds. And copper pipe will keep complete, while aluminum fin will be a little broken.

C&D,namely construction and demolition waste, refers to waste produced by demolition and building activities, including road and rail construction and excavation of land associated with construction activities. The C&D waste stream usually covers only some of the generation, disposal and recycling of C&D waste, because it has coincident part with MSW and C&I stream. Those construction waste is usually difficult to deal with, but some of them like steel plate, metal door, etc are of great value. Because of their large volume, they are difficult to transport. Metal scrap baling press is a good machine to solve this problem. It can press various scrap metals into various shapes, such as cuboid type, cylinder type and octangle type for convenient storage, transportation and putting into furnace.

Facing to these waste stream, all of us need to take part in reducing, reuse and recycle. Many new and advanced ways and machines also needs to be popularized.Knowing it, researching it and solving it, then we can bring hope to our future.




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