Car Recycling and Related Equipment

//Car Recycling and Related Equipment

Every year millions of cars are scrapped. Some are brought to the recycling facility keeping intact, while some are scrapped by the car owner to make more money. When a whole car reaches the recycling facility, it begins to be recycled in several steps.


Car Parts Stripping
The car is stripped of all usable parts, which can be either resold or recycled.
* Tires can be resold or made into rubber powder by using rubber powder recycling line.
* Wiring harness can be stripped of the insulation by using a wire stripping machine or making into granules by using a copper cable granulator. Then copper or aluminum and wire insulation can be recycled respectively.
* Starters, alternators, radiators, rims, and used oil filters, etc can also be resold or recycled.
Hazardous Materials Removing
Hazardous materials are removed. All batteries are removed. All fluids are drained from the car. The gas tank is removed and drained. These hazardous materials are required to be disposed of properly without affecting the environment. Some scrap yards require the owner to drain the fluids by themselves before bringing the car to the yard.
Taking apart a car is easier than assembling a new car, while you must use caution to protect yourself from injury. Have hazardous waste operations and emergency response training before dismantling the car and always wear safety gear when dismantling.
Car Crushing
The remaining car may sit there for a passage of time until it’s flattened by a car crusher. Sometimes it is compressed into a metal brick by a metal baler. This reduces the volume of the car and makes it easier to transport to the shredder.


Car Shredding
Crushed cars are placed on a conveyor belt and conveyed into the metal shredder. Driven by an electric motor, a series of hammers spinning by the rotor beat the vehicle into smaller pieces. Shredded parts go out on a conveyor belt. An magnet attracts and separates the ferrous metals(iron and steel) from the other materials. The remaining materials are further separated into non-ferrous metals and non-metallic scrap such as plastic, rubber, and glass.
After separation, the recovered metals are sent to steel mills for remelting. And finally, new metals are shipped to manufacturers to remake into new cars, refrigerators, washing machines, and other products.
Recycling cars save resources and benefit the environment. If you intend to recycle cars to make profit, it’s necessary to consider buying a car crusher as well as a metal shredder.

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