Where to Find Scrap Copper Wire

//Where to Find Scrap Copper Wire

Scraping copper wire is quite profitable, thinking of the high value of the copper. Copper wire is often found in home appliances and electronics. They are quite good sources of copper wire.


Old Appliances
Large appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers, and dryers have the power cords which you can cut off. When looking into the kitchen, you can find small items like coffee makers, fans, toasters and blenders that have insulated wire inside and outside. Motors that used to power the machine may contain copper winding for you to recycle.
Take the refrigerator as an example.
Besides the power cord, you can also recover copper wire from the compressor. The refrigerant compressor compresses the refrigerant used to cool the refrigerator. It is powered by an electric motor which contains some copper winding. There will be also a wire running from the compressor to the inside of the machine.
Old Electronics
Electronics may contain insulation wires both outside and inside. This is a large list that you can search for. Small electronics like cell phones, cameras, and other devices may need regular charging. The charging wires may break during using so you can collect them to add up the copper pile. When the appliances are unused, collect the insulated charging wire that are no longer needed.
Some of the wire sources include:


1) CRT Monitor
CRT is used in most televisions and computer display screens, having the yoke which is made of copper surrounding it. Taking apart a TV can be very dangerous. When dismantling the CRT monitor, please strictly follow the proper safety procedures.
2) Christmas Lights
Christmas lights are insulated copper wires with plastic and bulbs attached. Americans buy tens of millions of pounds of Christmas tree lights every year. When Christmas lights aren’t working, they can be collected to be shredded to recycle both the copper and insulation. However, theses lights have a lower value than other wires as they have a higher plastic content from the bulbs and other insulation. So keep them separate from other wire.
3) Automobile Wire
Old cars make an excellent source for electrical wires. Wire harness runs throughout the entire car to transmit electric power and signals. Alternators and starter motor are filled with wound copper wire.
What to do Next After Finding the Wire?
Some copper wires has the plastic or rubber insulation. These wires can be stripped of the insulation fast by a wire stripping machine. A copper cable granulator can granulate the wires and get copper granules and insulation granules respectively. Copper wire in the motor can be recovered by a motor stator recycling machine.

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