What Will Aluminum Cans Recycling Bring for Us?

//What Will Aluminum Cans Recycling Bring for Us?

Aluminum can is a common package for drinks. Every minute numerous aluminum cans are drunk up, scattered and then recycled. Then they are remelted and remade into new aluminum cans and other aluminum products-recycled aluminum don’t lose its original quality. We, ordinary people can participate in collecting and recycling aluminum cans, which is of great economic and environmental benefits.

Aluminum is mainly produced from bauxite, which contains 40%-60% alumina, or aluminium oxide( Al2O3). Recycling aluminum can consumes 95% less energy than making a can from virgin bauxite ore. By recycling just one can, you can save the energy to run a TV for three hours.

Bauxite mining can cause soil erosion and loss of animal and plant habitats. After the separation of aluminum with oxide, carbon reacts with the oxygen to form carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide emission is considerable. Recycling aluminum produces 95% less air pollution than primary production. The more you recycled, the less manufacturers need to produce. On the other side,aluminum recycling cans helps reduce the waste.

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Aluminum can is one of the most valuable materials. People get paid by sending used aluminum cans to metal recyclers. Aluminum can can be recycled again and again without losing the quality. It is also one of the most easily recyclable items, as extracting bauxite ore is difficult, it turns out to be more cost-effective to recycle aluminum cans.

Now let’s know the whole recycling process of aluminum cans. Simply speaking ,it includes eleven steps: collecting→Baling→shredding→magnetic separation→ de-coating→melting→ingots→rolled into sheets→making into new products→ filling→end up in stores. Here we need to talk about two step: baling and de-coating. At the recycling center, the aluminum cans are sorted, washed, and compacted into bales. The baling is completed by a metal baler. It makes the scrap metal easy to be transported.The coating on the aluminum is removed by blowing hot air through the shreds. If the shreds are cast into the furnace with the paint on, there will be harmful smoke when smelting and the quality of ingot will be degraded, meanwhile there will be an aluminum loss rate as high as 20%.

As common people, which role can we play in the whole process? We can collect them from our own family, our neighbors and friends. Public places which hold activities periodically will also be a good places to collect aluminum cans. Pay attention to these places and see when they there will be activities to be held. Then we can make a simple process of them like empty and crush them, thus keeping them clean and saving storage space. Store them until you get enough cans to sell. The following thing we need to do is to find people or local recycling center who recycle them. They will pay you cash or a receipt for the cans . Take the receipt to an ATM or office located on site to receive your money.

Is it easy to recycle cans? Now let us take action together!

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