• Motor Stator Recycling Machine
    Motor Stator Recycling Machine

    Motor stator recycling machine can efficiently recover copper wire from scrap motor stator. High recycling rate, high work efficiency. Suitable for motor stator of different models.

  • Metal Crusher
    Metal Crusher

    Our metal crusher can crush all kinds of metals into your required size, such as aluminum cans, refrigeraters and car shells. Hydraulic transmisson, various auxiliary equipment available to choose.

  • Hydraulic Metal Baler
    Hydraulic Metal Baler

    Our metal baler is your best choice for pressing scrap metals into bales for convenient handling. Hydraulic transmisson, simple operation and maintain, reliable sealing, multiple models to choose.

  • Plastic Crusher
    Plastic Crusher

    Plastic crusher can crush various scrap plastics into particles of different size. Small dimensions, easy to operate. Multiple models available for plastics with different material and shape.

  • PVC Granulator
    PVC Granulator

    PVC granulator is used to process insulation material, jacket material and transparent plastic into granules. Stable performance, durable in use, customizable according to different conditions.

  • PE Film/PP Woven Bag Granulator
    PE Film/PP Woven Bag Granulator

    PE film/PP woven bag granulator is used to process scrap PE film and PP woven bag into granules. Easy to operate, durable in use, high quality plastic granules, greatly save time and resources.

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