• 400 Copper Cable Granulator
    400 Copper Cable Granulator

    Our 400 copper cable granulator is designed for recycling pure copper granules from scrap wires and cables. Highly recommended, novel design, compact structure, high recycling rate, no pollution.

  • 600 Copper Cable Granulator
    600 Copper Cable Granulator

    Offer copper cable granulator, complete solution for processing scrap wires and cables with the capacity of 300-400kg/h. By this recycling machine to get pure copper granules and plastic pieces. Stable performance, high recycling rate, no pollution.

  • 800 Copper Cable Granulator
    800 Copper Cable Granulator

    Supply copper cable granulator for you, specially used to crush scrap wires and cables twice and then separates copper granules from plastics automatically. Large handling capacity, automatic control, stable performance.

  • Mini 400 Copper Cable Granulator
    Mini 400 Copper Cable Granulator

    Mini 400 copper cable granulator is our smallest copper recycling machine for processing various kinds of wires. Integrated structure, saving space, suitable for small scale recycling business.

  • Wire Stripping Machine
    Wire Stripping Machine

    We supply various wire stripping machines for you to recycle copper and aluminium from all kinds of scrap wires and cables. Small dimensions, stable performance, high efficiency, low power consumption.

  • Radiator Recycling Machine
    Radiator Recycling Machine

    Our radiator recycling machine is best choice for separating copper pipes and aluminium fin of scrap air conditioning radiators. No damage to copper pipes, no copper loss, high economical benefits.

  • Radiator Recycling Plant
    Radiator Recycling Plant

    Radiator recycling plant is used for crushing scrap radiator in air conditioners, and then separate copper, aluminium and iron for easy recycling. High automatic, high efficiency, no dust pollution.

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