What We Offer

We provide value-added recycling machines and customized solutions for your Scrap Metals, Cable Wires or Waste Plastic, maximizing the value of all your scraps. All our equipment/recycling systems make recovery easy, efficient and cost-effective.

scrap copper wire recycling line

The cable recycling plant with a large production capacity 5-6 tons per day, being a complete set of copper wire granules production line for commercial scale recycling (recycling rate can reach 99%). Consisting of Crusher, Granulator, Screen, Dust Collection System.

PCB recycling line

Waste PCB recycling plant enables to recycle electric and electronic boards, printed circuit boards, motherboards (PCB), e-waste in general. Valuable precious metal concentrates can be obtained for further re-processing/re-use. Dismantling-Crushing-Air Separation-Dust Collection-Electrostatic Separation.

PCB recycling line

The production line is specially designed for crushing a wide range of waste radiators (scrap air conditioning radiator, car radiator). This recycling line can quickly and effectively sort the copper, iron and aluminium. Has an accurate separation rate of up to 98%. Capacity: 600-800kg/h

Copper Wire Granulators

We have all kinds of machines for all kinds of copper wire recycling companies – mini, small, medium or cable wire stripper machine. We always sell machines with the best cost-to-benefit ratio, which lets you make the most of your investment.

Other Recycling Machines

Metal (aluminum, copper, motor, radiator) Recovery Machines and Cost-effective Set Up; PCB Recycling Plant; Plastic (crushing, powder milling, PVC granulation) Recycling Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Accounts with Accuracy and Efficiency.

Metal Recycling Solutions

How to Recycle Paint Cans

Metal paint cans can be recycled as scrap steel if they are empty and dry. Our metal crusher can crush paint cans into metal granules with ideal size. It can strip the paint from the cans completely.

Recycling Scrap Steel With Our Metal Crusher

Recycling steel can save iron ore, save energy and reduce pollution. Scrap steel can be crushed by our metal crusher to different sizes. The crushed steel granules has many advantages for steelmaking.

How Are Aluminum Cans Recycled

Every minute there are numerous aluminum cans recycled. But do you know where do they go after collected? They turn into new cans on the stores’ shelves after a two month’s recycling process.

Interesting Facts about Aluminum

Aluminum is the most abundant metal and the second most widely used metal after iron. It can be recycled over and over. There are many interesting facts about aluminum and aluminum cans recycling.

How to Buy a Metal Crusher

Do you want to buy a metal crusher?Do you know how to buy a metal crusher?This article tells you what to do when starting to buy a metal crusher. Keep them in mind and go ahead!

How to Use Metal Crusher Correctly

Use metal crusher rationally can prolong the service life of the machine and ensure a safe working environment. Here are a few tips about how to use our metal crushers correctly for your reference.


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