Benefits of Recycling Aluminum Cans

//Benefits of Recycling Aluminum Cans

Every minute numerous aluminum cans are drunk up, scattered and then recycled. Then they are remelted and remade into new aluminum cans and other aluminum products-recycled aluminum don’t lose its original quality. Ordinary citizens can engage in the recycling of aluminum cans. It can save energy, benefit the environment and economy, as well as help the charities.


Saving Energy
Aluminum is mainly produced from bauxite, which contains 40%-60% alumina, or aluminium oxide( Al2O3). Bauxite is first refined to get pure alumina, which is then dissolved in molten cryolite at a temperature of around 950°C. An electrical current passes through the solution, separating pure aluminium from oxygen. This is a very energy-intensive process.
Recycling aluminum can consumes 95% less energy than making a can from virgin bauxite ore. By recycling just one can, you can save the energy to run a TV for three hours.


Helping the Environment
Bauxite mining can cause soil erosion and loss of animal and plant habitats. After the separation of aluminum with oxide, carbon reacts with the oxygen to form carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide emission is considerable. Recycling aluminum produces 95% less air pollution than primary production. The more you recycled, the less manufacturers need to produce.
On the other side, recycling aluminum cans helps reduce the waste. The use of deposits largely reduce the litter along the roadsides. As the most recycled items in the U.S., aluminum cans account for only less than 1% of solid waste stream in this country.


Economic Value
Aluminum can is one of the most valuable materials. People get paid by sending used aluminum cans to metal recyclers. Aluminum can can be recycled again and again without losing the quality. It is also one of the most easily recyclable items, as extracting bauxite ore is difficult, it turns out to be more cost-effective to recycle aluminum cans.
Recycling can also helps charitable organizations, groups, and local schools to earn income for supporting their projects. People of all ages can engage in the recycling of aluminum cans easily for a good cause. By recycling for charities, you help with other’s quality of life.
Machines Involved In the Process
Don’t be afraid. If you are an individual collector, chances are you don’t need the machine, you just need small tools. But if you are a metal recycler, you probably need a metal baler. They can turn the aluminum cans into nice bales, which save space and save transportation cost. There are many types of metal baler for you to choose, but since we can recommend for you and customize accordingly, it’s not difficult to buy a metal baling machine.

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