Find Aluminum and Recycle Aluminum

//Find Aluminum and Recycle Aluminum

Aluminum scrappers are concerned about where to find aluminums. Scrap aluminum has rich sources, such as aluminum cans, aluminum radiators, aluminum wires, etc. They can be recycled by our metal recycling machines.


1. Aluminum Cans
Aluminum cans are easy to collect. You may consume beverage by yourself. You can find the cans in a business, You can find them in roadways and parks. It is so easy to be an aluminum cans collector. Aluminum cans recycling is the most important function of our metal crusher. The crusher can process the cans into granules meanwhile removing the paint completely. Certainly you can use our metal baler to build a square, round or octangle bale.


2. Aluminum Radiator and Aluminum Copper Radiator
Aluminum radiators are widely used in cars. Aluminum copper radiators are mostly found in air conditioning units. The latter has copper tubes surrounded by aluminum fins, so that except recycling aluminum, you can recycle copper. The copper tubes and aluminum fin in a copper aluminum radiator can be separated by a radiator recycling machine. This machine has been making great profit for recyclers. You can also put the radiators in a radiator crushing machine, thus you can get pieces of aluminum, copper and steel separately with fast speed.


3. Automobiles
Except the aluminum radiators we said above, there are also many other parts in cars that contain aluminum, such as bumps, wheels, trim strips etc. Do we have machine that deal with cars?The answer is yes, you can put the car shells in the metal crusher or in the metal baler. This is a typical applications for large metals of our metal recycling machine.


4. Aluminum Wires
Except copper wires which is the most common material of our cable granulator, there are the aluminum wires which also transfer the electricity. Aluminum wires can’t be processed by our cable granulator, but it can be stripped by our wire stripper. Go to find a cable stripper that you are interested in, and consult us if you have any requirements.


5. Aluminum Turnings
Aluminum turnings belong to the light materials which our metal baler mainly process. The turnings are produced during aluminum casting machining. They can occupy 20%-30% the weight of the casting. Using our metal baler to bale the metal turnings is favorable for their storage, transportation and smelting. Aluminum product producers, smelters and recyclers can buy this machine.
Other sources of aluiminum can be doors and windows frames, pots and pans, fencing, etc. It’s not difficult to find the scrap aluminum to recycle. And whenever you need metal recycling equipment, you can come to us for the solution.

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