How to Recycle Aluminum Cans For Money

//How to Recycle Aluminum Cans For Money

You may want to recycle aluminum cans, for yourself’s extra income, for charity, or for the good environment impacts it does. Recycling aluminum cans is an easy thing. You can follow the steps below without difficulty.


1. Collect the Aluminum Cans
Collect aluminum cans from home, workplace, roadsides and public places. Talk with your neighbours and friends and if they have no plan for recycling cans themselves, you can recycle for them by paying them at a lower price. Contact local business to find which have no recycling programs already. Ask for permission to put a recycling bin there for collecting the aluminum cans. Travel along roadsides and highways for the scattered cans. Public places which hold activities periodically will be good place to collect aluminum cans. Pay attention to these places and see when there will be activities to be held.
2. Empty the cans.
Some aluminum cans may still contain liquid or other foreign matters. These cans shall be emptied to keep themselves clean.


3. Crush the cans.
The aim of crushing the cans is to save storage space. Aluminum cans are lightweight that you can crush them by your foot. To save the labor, there are also various small can crusher in the market. These crushers are inexpensive tools that are easy to handle. Certainly there are large metal crushers used by metal processors which can handle several tons per hour automatically. There are one thing to remember: some cans can be returned to stores or put in a recycling machine to get a deposit fee, which is usually higher than selling to recycling centers. Don’t crush the cans if they are redeemable.
4. Store the Cans
Save your cans in a trash bag, box or storage bin until you get enough cans to sell. Remember to save separately without mixing in other metals, even other aluminum products shall be avoided. In this way, you get the most profit out of the cans.


5. Find a Local Recycler
For cans which have deposits, return them to the grocery stores for cash or put them into a reverse vending machine to get the redeemable receipt. For those without deposits, check online for businesses in your area and call to see who will pay for the cans. Ask for more than one business to find who will pay the most.
6. Bring Your Cans to the Recycler.
Now that you get enough aluminum cans and find out the nearest recycling centers that will pay you the most, you can take the cans to fetch your earnings. After your cans are weighed at the recycling center, you will get cash or a receipt for the cans. Take the receipt to an ATM or office located on site to receive your money.
It is easy to recycle cans, right? Now you can just start to collect the aluminum cans and earn the money. If metal recycling machines needed please inform us.

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