PE Film and PE Film Recycling

//PE Film and PE Film Recycling

PE(Polyethylene) films are in the majority of plastic films. Polyethylene is either designated as #2 or #4 in the SPI Resin Identification Coding System. Number 4 plastics can be one of three types of resins: LDPE, LLDPE and MDPE, while HDPE is assigned the number 2.


LDPE- Low Density Polyethylene
LDPE was the first polyethylene discovered. LDPE films have high clarity, moderate stretch and strength. It is used to make thicker newpaper bags, bread bags, bubble wraps, etc. Many recycling facilities cannot recycle bubble wrap as the adhesive used to seal it are not the same material with bubble wrap.


LLDPE-Linear Low Density Polyethylene
LLDPE is an attractive alternative to LDPE as it has a less costly production process. LLDPE films have moderate clarity, and feel slightly tacky when touched. Compared with LDPE film, LLDPE film has higher flexibility and higher tensile strength. It is the most common stretch wrap material. LLDPE film is also used to make thin newspaper bags, dry cleaning film, and agricultural films, etc. Agricultural films needs to go through extensive washing for the contamination due to the contact with the gound or farm products.


MDPE-Medium Density Polyethylene
MDPE films have moderate clarity, poor stretch and strength. They find applications in consumer paper packaging such as toilet paper and paper towel.


HDPE-High Density Polyethylene
HDPE film has some opacity and feels crinkle to the touch. It has low stretch and can tear easily. Compared with LDPE, HDPE is less costly in production process, and has better tensile strength. It is used to make most grocery bags. HDPE is also used to make bags with sealed air for packaging, of which the air shall be released prior to recycling.
PE Film Recycling Machine
PE films can be recycled by crushing, washing, and re-pelletizing. The recycled PE pellets can be sold to film manufacturers who will convert them into new products. We provide plastic crushers with capacity and granular size tailored to your need. Cleaning drum can be equipped to help you clean the plastics, solving the problem of contamination. Our PE film granulator can then be utilized to process washed and crushed PE films into granules. The finished granules are sturdy, full and smooth.

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