When an aluminum can of beverage is drunk up, the empty may go into the curbside recycling bin. Then where does it go? In fact, they are recycled and finally made into new products. Recycled aluminum has the same quality as extracted aluminum.
Recycling Process of Aluminum Cans


1. Collecting
The consumers put the aluminum cans into a recycling bin, where they are picked up and sent to the recycling center.
2. Baling
At the recycling center, the aluminum cans are sorted, washed, and compacted into bales. The baling is completed by a metal baler. It makes the scrap metal easy to be transported.
3. Shredding
Aluminum bales are sent to processing plants where they are shredded into small pieces. This makes it easier to remove the coatings on the aluminum and helps the aluminum melt faster.
4. Magnetic separation
The shreds are then passed through a magnetic separator to remove any traces of steel mixed in the bale.


5. De-coating
The coating on the aluminum is removed by blowing hot air through the shreds. If the shreds are cast into the furnace with the paint on, there will be harmful smoke when smelting and the quality of ingot will be degraded, meanwhile there will be an aluminum loss rate as high as 20%.
6. Melting
The decoated shreds are fed into a melting furnace, and heated to certain degrees to make molten aluminum.
7. Ingots
The molten metal is poured into molds, cools and hardens gradually to form the ingots. Each finished ingot contains about 1.5 million recycled aluminium cans. It is really a heavy block, isn’t it?
8. Rolled into sheets
The ingots are sent to mills where they are rolled into thin sheets of aluminum.


9. Making into new products
The sheets are then coiled and sent to manufactures who use them to make various aluminum products, such as new beverage cans, aluminum foil and ready meal packaging.
10. Filling
Beverage companies fill the cans with their product.
11. End up in Stores
The finished products end up in grocery stores. And the whole process starts all over again. It is estimated that cans collected take up to 60 days to be appear in the shops again.
As there are multiple participants engaged in the recycling process of aluminum cans, there are quite a lot of business opportunities in this chain. For those who need the metal baler and metal crusher, we can be your support.