Metal crusher has wide applications. It can process various metal cans, paint cans, etc, having great financial benefits. When you prepare to buy a metal crusher, there are some tips to be advised.


1. Choose the model
Before starting to make a purchase, you should have your capacity in mind.
Based on your raw materials and capacity, we could recommend the proper model for you. After the model is chosen, we have the proper ancillary equipment for your option, such as conveyor, dust collector, etc. The voltage can be customized accordingly. Furthermore, we could customize according to your special requirement.
2. Choose proper company.
When comparing the suppliers, learning about the reputation, after-sale service and the quality of the machine except for the price.
1) It is important to make sure the picture is the same with the machine, and also try to get the pictures which shows the interior of the machine.
We confirm that the pictures we offer conform with the actual machine, meanwhile the operation of the machine could be showed through pictures and videos.


2)The price of metal crusher is in proportion to its weight. The material of the crusher, the thickness of its steel plate and the manufacturing process all have relations to the price. When there is a big difference between the prices of crushers with the same exterior, check the interior of the machine.
3) A good metal crusher can significantly increase the capacity and work efficiency of the metal crushing line. The machine casing of our metal crusher adopts high quality steel plate. The lining plate inside the crusher adopts manganese steel, while reinforcing ribs are added on the casing, making the machine high production efficiency, high safety, and durable in use.
4) We can send our engineers for on site installation, commissioning and training after your receipt of our machines, who will instruct with care for the operation and maintenance of the machine.
If there is any requirement with regard of our machine during operation, please feel free to let us know, and we will help you to solve the problem in time.
3. Visit the factory.
Visit the factory if possible to learn about the company and the equipment.
We will arrange a test-run when you come to visit our factory so that you can learn about the quality and operation of the machine.


4. Maintenance
The machine shall be maintained routinely to ensure its normal running and further prolong its service life. Our metal crusher is equiped with hydraulic system, which is convenient for the maintenance of the machine. One person can maintain the machine easily. To ensure normal production, it is better to have some wearing parts when buying the machines.
Now you know how to buy a metal crusher, it’s time to start to buy the machine. We endeavor to provide you with the most approiate model to promoto your business, please reply on us.