Metal paint cans can be recycled as they are made of steel. Before you learn about how to recycle it, you may wonder how to deal with the paint residue. As we know, steel cans are remelted and made into various new steel products. If scrap steel is cast into the furnace with the paint on, there will be impurities in the steel. And there will be harmful smoke and bad smell when smelting.
Then is there a easy way to eliminate such troubles? The answer is to use our metal crusher.
Metal Crusher Application
Our metal crusher can process all kinds of metals. By choosing different models, you can crush objects as small as beer bottle caps, and as large as car shells. The end product of our metal crusher is metal granules. By replacing the sieve size our metal crusher can meet your various needs. Paint can crushing is one of the main applications of our metal crusher.
Metal Crusher Advantages
Our metal crusher is a rigid machine. It has high strength lining plate inside and reinforcing ribs on the casing. So it is durable to be able to pay back your investments. It is safe as the material will not splash out when working. The machine base makes it easy to move and the hydraulic system makes it easy to maintain. Moreover, we can arrange a series of related equipment for operation, such as conveyor, air blower and dust collector.
paint_cansHow Can the Metal Crusher Remove Paint?
The myth lies in the blade. The blade our metal crusher use is highly durable-we always make sure our machine is durable for your sake-which can strip off the paint from the steel thoroughly. Both the paint in the can and the paint layer on the surface of the cans. After the paint is stripped off, they can be separated by the blower and dust collector. Thus we can get the clean steel granules.
If you are a scrap dealer, you can consider buying our metal crusher. We recommend the model 800 to you. It has the output of 1000kg/h. The maximun feed size is 800mm*350mm. Certainly, we have other models for your choice and can also customize according to your material size. You can consult our professional sales for further assistance.


Warm Tips:
1. The paint can must be empty and completely dry prior to recycling.
2. Latex paints can be recycled into new paint, given to a friend or neighbor, or donate to schools, community theater groups and charities.
3. Latex paint can be disposed of with the regular trash. Mix it with paint hardener, kitty litter, sawdust, dirt or shredded paper, stir it up and let it dry. Leave the lids off when tossing out so the hauler can see they are hardened.
4. Oil-based paints should be taken to a household hazardous waste facility for proper disposal. Never put them in the trash.