1. Metal crusher should be fixed on cement base. If workplace is frequently changed, crusher and electric motor shall be installed on angle iron base.
2. If use diesel engine to power the metal crusher, the power of diesel engine shall be a little larger than that of crusher, meanwhile their pulley groove should be uniform. The external end of the pulley shall be on the same plane.


3. Before starting the machine,
* Check if the connecting bolts are tight.
* Check if the tightness of drive belt is proper and whether the rotation of main shaft is flexible. Clean the mess around the belt.
* Check if the power line is well.
* Check if the shaft of motor and crusher are parallel.
* Check if the hammer is good.
* Check if the sieve size is proper or if the sieve is broken.
4. After the machine is started, make it run for 2-3 minutes in non-load state, check the rotation direction of the rotor and check if the sound is normal. Feed the materials only when the machine runs smoothly under rated speed.


5. Feed raw materials evenly with certain intervals to ensure thorough crushing and prevent choking. Side feeding or feeding too much should be avoided to prevent overload. If the crusher stops because of choking, turn off the motor immediately and remove the raw materials before restart.
6. Check the load current of the crusher frequently. If it surpasses the defined value, decrease the feeding speed timely or stop feeding. Motor overload is strictly forbidden to ensure normal operation.
7. In operation often pay attention to the sound of the motor and inside the crushing cavity. If there is loud noise or other abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately for a comprehensive examination.
8. Hard objects like stone, screw and tools mustn’t be mixed in the raw materials to avoid damaging the lining plate inside machine cavity.
9. In operation the operator should not leave the metal crusher. It’s not allowed to dismantle the machine in operation. Tools shall not be placed on the machine or raw materials.
10. Operators should not wear gloves. When choking it is strictly forbidden to put hands into the hopper. Stand by the side of the crusher when feeding materials to avoid hurt by the bounced materials. Wear mask and working cap.
11. Stop feeding materials before shut down and make the machine run for 5 more minutes to expel the materials inside the crushing cavity completely and then turn off the motor. Clean and maintain the machine after stopping it.



12. Turn around or change the hammer in time, otherwise uneven wear will cause unbalanced rotor and result in big vibration. When doing so, it is required to adjust the complete set to avoid unbalanced rotor. Sieve can be rivetted when slightly broken. For serious damage please change the sieve.
13. Clean the bearing and change the lubricating oil after 300 working hours, while the bearing of the host machine should be lubricated every week. For long time shut-down, please dismount the belt.
14. Under normal conditions, the temperature rise of machine bearing would not exceed 35 degrees centigrade, and the maximum temperature would not exceed 70 degrees centigrade. If above 70℃, stop the machine promptly and check to eliminate the cause.