With the increasing consumption of plastic products, waste plastics has been also generating rapidly. At present, the kinds of waste plastics in China is plastic film, plastic silk and its woven goods, foamed plastic, plastic packaging box and its container, daily plastic products,etc. Besides, the consumption of automotive plastics has been over 0.4 billion tons and the consumption of plastics matching electronics and home appliance has been over one million. When these products are declared worthless, these plastics become the important source to be recycled.

After recycled, what can these scrap plastics can be used for? At present, there are mainly three ways to make use of these recycled plastics.

PET flakes

One way is to be put into use as reworked material. With the increasing price of crude oil, plastic, as derivative of crude oil, its price also improves a lot. The reuse of scrap plastics has been getting more and more attention and has been accepted by modern enterprises. These scrap plastics need manual screening and classification first,then go through a series of process like crushing, granulating, modifying,etc, finally be turned into various kinds of plastic granule, which will be classified by their condition for the second use. PE Film/PP woven bag granulator, plasitc crusher, etc these plastic recycling machines are needed.

Another way is to replace coal, oil and coke as fuel. At first, a large amounts of waste plastics are dumped or burned, which causes huge resource waste. Since scrap is of high caloric value, it also can be a new kind of fuel. This technology is RDF, which is originally developed by America. It makes these waste plastics into suitable pellets and sprays them into shaft furnace to replace coke or coal powder. This application in abroad shows that the utilization rate of scrap plastics reach 80% and the emission is only 0.1%-1.0% of its burning amounts. Besides, it generates little harmful gas and the cost of this technology is not high. In one word, this technology provides people a new way to make comprehensive use of waste scrap and control “white pollution”. At the same time, it also provides a new way for metallurgical enterprises to save energy and improve efficiency.

plastic scrap

The third way to reuse scrap plastics is power generation. As we have mentioned, RDF technology can make use of scrap plastics to provide energy, so using it in power generation is not a big question. It is first applied in America which now has 37 RDF power station,counting 21.6% of the total garbage power station.

So to speak, the latter two ways all reply on RDF technology. This way needs great investment while the first way is of low cost and easy to get return. Only one plastic crusher or PVC granulator is enough to start plastic recycling business.