Steel, like aluminum and copper, can be recycled infinitely without losing its quality. Its inherent magnetic properties greatly promotes its recovery and collection. New steel is made into steel products which became scrap steel eventually. And then they are remelted and finally made into steel products. All used steel products can be recycled into new steel products.


Before learning about the benefits of scrap steel recycling, let’s take a simple look at the production of steel.
Steel is produced via basic oxygen furnace process or electric arc furnace process. The former involves using up to 30% scrap steel. This process requires the iron-making process, in which a blast furnace is fed with the iron ore, coke and small quantities of flux such as limestone. Electric arc furnace uses around 90-100% scrap steel. It does not involve iron-making, neither does it uses coal as a raw material.
Now you can have a good understanding of the benefits of steel recycling.
* Every tonne of steel recycled saves 1131kg of iron ore, 633kg of coal and 54 kg of limestone.
* Recycling steel can save 75% of the energy and 40% of the water required to make steel from virgin ore.
* Recycling steel can reduce air pollution by 86% and water pollution by 76%.


Recycling Scrap Steel By Metal Crusher
The demand for high quality steelmaking furnace burden promotes the emerging and development of metal crushing equipment, which accelerates the development of steel industry in turn.
Driven by the high speed motor, the hammers on the rotors of the crusher beat the scrap steel in the cavity in turn. Under the strong impact effect, scrap steel is teared and extruded into granules with certain size. By using the equipped magnetic separator, air blower, and dust collector, the imputities in the scrap steel are removed. Thus we get pure steel granules. The size of the granule can be adjusted by changing sieve size.
Advantages of Crushed Steel Granules
The steel granules from our metal crusher have uniformal size, high bulk density and high purity. They have the following benefits for steelmaking.


1. High input-output ratio.
2. Stable chemical composition in the furnace, low content of sulphur and phosphorus.
3. Increased feeding density and reduced feeding frequency.
4. Less electrode breakage, even heating in the furnace.
5. Prolonged service life of the lining in the furnace.
6. Reduced air pollution, lower power consumption.
No matter you are a small, medium, or large steel recycler, you can find the suitable steel crusher from us. Our metal crusher can crush small metals like paint cans, as well as large metals like oil drums, refrigerators, and car shells.