Introduction of 400 Copper Cable Granulator
Model 400 copper cable granulator is designed for recovering copper granules from various scrap wires and cables. It combines chopper, separator and dust collector into one unit, which is easily controlled by electricity control panel. The machine adopts air and vibration instead of water to separate copper granules and plastic pieces, having high recycling rate. The plastic pieces can also be recycled.


Features of 400 Scrap Copper Granulator
1. Novel design, compact structure, saving space, mounted on a common base, easy to move.
2. Manual feeding material for one time, adopting electricity control panel to control the whole system, stable performance.
3. Minimum copper recycling rate can reach 99%.
4. Equipped with dust collector, no dust pollution.
5. Adopting air and vibration separation, no water pollution.
6. The voltage can be customized according to your requirements.
Application of 400 Copper Wire Granulator
Our copper granulator can process various kinds of scrap wires and cables, such as automotive wires, communication cables and other miscellaneous wires and cables with the suitable diameter of less than 20mm, single conductor with diameter of 0.2-0.3mm is best.




How Does the Cable Granulator Work?
After feeding scrap wires and cables into the recycling machine, they are chopped by the chopper to have plastic pieces and copper granules, which are then sent to be separated by airflow and vibration. Copper granules come out of the machine from the front outlet and plastic pieces from the back outlet. Dust is collected by dust collector.
Technical Parameter of 400 Cable Shredder

Copper Output
Cable Diameter Range
380V/3 phase/50/60Hz
Dimension( L*W*H)



1. When starting the machine, push start buttons from left to right. When stop the machine, push stop buttons from right to left.
2. Turn the black knob(airlock) on the panel to adjust the bottom air, clockwise for increasing and counter-clockwise for dereasing.
3. When some plastic granules move towards the copper outlet, adjust the knobs at the outlet to lower the baffle and adjust the airlock. When the baffle is too low to affect the copper output, raise the baffle accordingly.
4. Spacing between chopper blades shall be 0.15-0.25mm; Too small spacing may cause the collision of fixing blades and rotating blades and result in accidents.

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