Waste printed circuit board crushing and recycling production line is mainly used for the separation of metal from non-metal in waste circuit board, copper clad board, waste PCB breadboard and other material. The separation purity of the whole PCB recycling equipment is up to 98%. The production line takes two stages of recycling of waste printed circuit boards, making them a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, then the metal and the resin are separated by the wind separator and static electricity separator. In order to prevent the dust pollution in the process of processing, the dust pollution problem is effectively solved by adding a pulse-jet bag filter dust collector. The development waste PCB recycling production line not only improves the quality of copper recovery, but also prevents secondary pollution.

waste PCB

The specific production process flow is as follows:

Waste PCB→crushing machine→feeding machine→dismantling machine→air separator→mixture crushing machine→feeding machine→electrostatic separator→metal and resin

  1. The crusher pulverized printed circuit board into a particle size of about 13 mm.
  2. The automatic feeder sends material from the crusherinto the dismantling machine.
  3. The crushed printed circuit board is dismantled into a mixture with a particle size of about 2.5 mm in the dismantling
  4. A simple separation of metal and nonmetal was processed in cyclone collector, the first whirlwind collector is mainly metal and nonmetal, and the second cyclone collector is all nonmetal.
  5. Transfer the material from the first whirlwind collector to the electrostatic separator.
  6. Separate metal and nonmetal mixtures in electric separator.

Working principle of waste PCB recycling production line:

Printed circuit board recycling production line adopts recovery process of physical method, takes dry type crushing and hammering, dismantling and recycling all kinds of waste printed circuit boards, like computer boards, TV panels, aluminum plastic panels, copper plates; processing waste electrical appliances, like used TV sets, waste refrigerators, waste computers, waste air conditioners and other waste materials. The treated raw material is a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, then the metal and the resin are separated by high voltage electrostatic separator. The purity of the recovered metal is up to 98%. The PCB recycling production line has good performance, its resource processing method is advanced and reasonable. In order to prevent dust pollution in the process, the PCB recycling production line adopts pulse-jet bag filter dust collector, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution, and all the indicators are up to the national standard.

The application of materials after the circuit board is recovered:

After the circuit board is processed, the metal powder, the resin powder and the fiber powder are separated. Generally more than 85% of the metal powder is copper, the remaining is gold, silver, tin, palladium and other rare elements, the market price is very high. Resin powder can be used for wood plastic industry, three-ply board, five-ply wood, or packing material. Fiber materials are more used for insulation materials. Those material have a very broad market prospect, comprehensive utilization of waste benefits the nation and people.

waste circuit board

Technical advantages of waste PCB recycling production line:

  • This plant has good comprehensive performance,has a unique effect on computer board recycling, computer board recovery, TV board recycling and other line control board recovery. It is also facultative to recycle various circuit boards with capacitive devices.
  • The production line is upgrading products, with less power consumption, no noise, fullyautomation, high efficiency and small foot space. It is the ideal production line of waste PCB electronic road plate recycling.
  • The new type of dust collector is used in the whole set of equipment,the pulse type bag dust removal equipment has no pollution to the air and no exhaust emission.

Characteristics of waste PCB recycling production line:waste PCB recycling line

  1. A new process of mechanical crushingand high voltage electrostatic separation was adopted. The purity is high after crushing and dismantling.
  2. The key technology is to integrate all kinds of specialcrusher and PCB dismantling machine, achieve greater energy saving effect in the production process, and achieve a high metal separation rate.
  3. The unit energy consumption per ton of waste circuit board is only about 3/5 of the same kind of domestic products, and the single set of equipment is 1 tons per hour.
  4. The price of our waste PCB recycling production lineis only 1/5-1/3 of the same equipment at home and abroad, and the recovery rate of copper is 3%–5% higher than that of the same manufacturer.

Technical Data:

Model Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(m) Capacity(kg/h)
WST-PCB300 102 15000 20*5*5 200-300
WST-PCB500 134 20000 25*6*5 400-500
WST-PCB700 194 30000 30*6*5 600-700
WST-PCB1000 238 40000 35*8*8 800-1000