Printed circuit board (PCB) dismantling machine disconnects the electronic components from the circuit board to get the electronic components, tin and the motherboard. It is mainly used as a special equipment for dismantling the electronic components of a circuit board, such as televisions, recorders, computers, electronic equipment, and so on.

Introduction of PCB dismantling machine:     dismantling machine

Circuit board dismantling equipment is a new generation of PCB component automatic dismantling machine, has a high degree of automation, instead of personnel dismantling. It has automatic dismantling function, automatic dedusting function, shortens dismantling time, and occupies small area. The tin melting furnace adopts internal heat type heating mode, makes full use of the heating tube to ensure that the heating pipe can be in the air free oxidation. The equipment power is 5 KW, dismantling speed is 3 seconds a piece,  the appearance size is 1.2 m *3 m *1.8 m, number of dismantling blades are 42 pieces. It is an ideal equipment for dismantling components from circuit board.

The PCB of the waste TV, computer and other electrical appliances can be placed directly into the equipment, dismantled the electronic components and motherboard. It is the necessary equipment for processing of waste printed circuit boards, waste electronic components. This machine has the characteristics of electricity saving, easy operation and high efficiency. It is equipped with carbon dust removing, and the water dusting, there will be no peculiar smell. The PCB dismantling machine is mainly used to dismantle the electronic components in the waste circuit board, so that the circuit board and the electronic components can be separated perfectly. Compared with artificial disassembly, the machine has many advantages, such as automation, high efficiency, low operation cost, small area occupied, simple operation, no dust pollution and so on. Copper and other metals can be recovered by physical method after processing printed circuit board. Electronic components can be classified and reused for environmental protection and harmless, it is an ideal electronic component dismantling device for printed circuit board.

Process flow of PCB dismantling machine:

Using electric heating or LPG heating, the internal temperature is opened to 120℃, the tin melts, and the electronic components will fall off the circuit board as the main engine runs.

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Advantages of PCB dismantling machine:

  1. The equipment can be operated continuously with high efficiency, the electronic components and solder on the PCB can be automatically separated and recovered in one time.
  2. No damage to the electronic components after dismantling.
  3. The dismantling process is highly automated, reduced labor intensity and saved manpower and time.
  4. Using heated air circulation mode has good furnace temperature uniformity, and the temperature is controllable, the safety alarm function is complete.
  5. The electrical control and furnace body integration structure are adopted to effectively utilize the space location, the floor area is small, the layout of the equipment is reasonable and compact, and the exterior design is beautiful and generous.
  6. The emission of exhaust gas is collected to adsorb and filtered, meet the environmental standards.

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Technical Data:

Capacity Dimension(m) Motor power Weight(t)
200kg/h 1.67*0.97*1.4 2.2kw 0.35
300kg/h 1.68*1.02*1.52 2.2kw 0.5
500kg/h 2.1*1.27*1.74 3.7kw 0.6

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