Activated carbon adsorption equipment is mainly used to deal with the waste smoke and dust, so as to achieve discharge standards, being an effective exhaust gas purification device. It is commonly used in the disassembly process of electronic components in waste PCB recycling production line. The system uses PLC programmable controller to control the equipment, and sets up three control methods: automatic, soft manual and hard manual. In the safe operation of equipment, we set up the function of over temperature alarm, adsorption bed ultra micro alarm, fan fault, fan undervoltage alarm and valve fault alarm lamp. In addition, when the adsorption is stopped, the running time of the fan can be delayed (the delay time can be set) to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. The equipment can basically be controlled automation, and the operation is simple. According to the needs of the users, the process design of self-control or manual control can be selected, and a complete set of safe operation process training for this device is provided.

Applied Range of Activated Carbon Exhaust Gas Purification Device:Activated Carbon Adsorption

Activated carbon adsorption device is mainly used for the purification of exhaust gas, adsorbing the organic matter in the waste gas, reusing it, reducing the consumption and pollution. It is suitable for petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, pesticide chemical industry, coating industry, packaging and printing industry, tanning industry, microfiber (artificial leather), ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber (PE fiber) and other industries.

The Performance of Activated Carbon Adsorption Equipment:

The activated carbon adsorption device can adsorb a relatively low boiling point solvent, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, chlorobenzene, 150 solvent oil; methanol, ethanol, acetone, butanone, formic acid, acetic acid, methyl acetate, gasoline, etc. The active carbon is determined by the solvent.

VOC organic waste gas need to take the pretreatment process before  entering the adsorber, including filter bag filtering, washing, moisture adjustment and other methods, to remove easily polymerized harmful substances, dust, and high boiling point material, prolong the service life of activated carbon. VOC after treatment enter activated carbon layer, in which the solvent is discharged, the air passes through the exhaust pipe emissions of adsorber.

Steam is used as a heat source to desorb the solvent, forming a mixture of steam and solvent, leaving the activated carbon adsorbent and desorption device, and a mixture of solvent and water is obtained by condensing and cooling. If the solvent is insoluble in water, a chromatography layer method is used to recover the solvent, such as benzene, toluene, etc. If the solvent is dissolved in water, the solvent distillation, extraction or distillation are used to extract the solvent, such as methanol, acetone, etc.

This device is designed for automatic process control, and it can be unattended during operation. The manual process can also be used according to the requirements of the user. The valve actuators in VOC organic waste gas pipeline and adsorber adopt pneumatic type, meet the explosion-proof requirement of solvent recovery process.

Use Method of Activated Carbon Exhaust Gas Purification Device:

The process of active carbon adsorption device can be divided into adsorption stage, desorption stage, cooling stage and drying stage. The adsorption and desorption stages are necessary when the activated carbon adsorption recovery device is working. but whether to choose cooling stage and drying stage, need to design according to users’ selection of activated carbon and the concrete condition of solvent properties in the recovery of VOC organic waste gas.

When the adsorption and desorption stages are working, VOC organic exhaust air intake valve and discharge valve are in the open state during adsorption, The steam valve and the desorbing valve are in the closed state. While saving valve and desorbing valve are in the open state during desorption, VOC organic exhaust air intake valve and discharge valve are in closed state.

exhaust gas purification device


When the fan is started, it is necessary to first confirm that at least one door is kept closed, after the fan is started, the current is stable then pen slowly the fan door. When multiple fans are used, if we want to pull out one of them, please close at least one air door before or after the fan, then stop the fan, so that the air will not flow back.

The position of the adsorber pneumatic valve, switch, connection integrity of power supply hose, all of these require regular routine inspection and maintenance.