Pulse jet bag type dust collector, also called pulse jet bag filter, is a excellent dust collector that combines the advantages of reverse-blow and pulse dust-blowing. It applies to treatment of high concentration dust, overcomes the disadvantages of bad dust cleaning, air leakages, improper design, and simplifies the process of dust control and reduce equipment investment.
Our pulse-jet bag filter possesses the advantages of strong power output, high filter efficiency, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

Application of Pulse Jet Bag Type Filter
Pulse jet bag filter is widely used in dust removal from the production process of grinding, polishing, sandblasting, stirring, crushing, etc. It is suitable for many industries, such as furniture, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, construction, cement, machinery, chemical and other light industries.

Main Structure of Pulse Jet Bag Filter
The pulse jet bag filter is mainly composed of the upper box, bag chamber, dust discharging device and cleaning control system. The upper part is called upper box or air-cleaning chamber, and the lower part is called filter-bag chamber.
●Frame: filter-bag chamber, cleaning chamber, deck plate, filter-bag skeleton, access door.
●Gas outlet system: fan, motor, mounting brackets.
●Blowing system: air bag, injection pipe, pulse valve, control device.
●Discharge system.

Main Features of Pulse Jet Bag Type Dust Collector
◆Compared with the traditional dust removing and cleaning devices, it has the advantages of smaller resistance, higher filtering air volume, better dust removing and cleaning effect.
◆Pulse bag type filter can handle 1000g/Nm3 of dusty gas, and processed gas emission concentration is lower than 50mg/Nm3. According to the customer’s request to conduct an overall product design, proofing and production.
◆Wide application and strong adaptability. Our machine adopts different filter materials to deal with various types of gas.
◆Stable performance and long service life. The service life of pulse valve reaches one million times.
◆Simple, automatic and safe operation. It adopts PLC system that can periodically blow gas at fixed resistance.
◆Convenient installation, maintenance. Less land occupation.

Operating Principle of Pulse Jet Bag Type Dust Collector
When the pulse bag type dust collector is operating, dusty gas will enter into ash hopper through gas inlet. Owing to rapid expansion of the gas volume, on the one hand, the part of coarse grains of dust falls into ash hopper affected by inertia, on the other hand, the fine grains of dust goes up into the filter-bag chamber with the air flow. After filtration, dusty gas is adsorbed onto the surface of filter-bag, then the purified gas is entered into cleaning chamber from inside of the filtration bag and discharged into the atmosphere through air outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal. With the continuous filtration, the resistance of machine rises to set value, the machine will send out the instructions.

First, close the lift valve and cut off the airflow. Then, cleaning controller sends a signal to pulse valve, and pulse valve will send high pressure reverse flow into pulse bag. Finally, dusty gas will drop because the pulse bag begins to expand and shake strongly, to complete the cleaning process.

The equipment is divided into several box areas, hence, the above process is accomplished step by step through each box area. When a box area is cleaning, other working box areas ensure the continuous normal running of equipment.    The key to treating high concentrate dust is the very short cleaning time that only takes 0.1s-0.2s

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