Spray scrubber is one of the most popular wet scrubber configurations used to bring waste gases into contact with sorbent designed to absorb and react with the SO2. It is a common industrial waste gas purification device, includes tower body, packing media, liquid distributor, gas water separator, spray system, circulation water tank, circulating water pump, liquid storage system, etc. Spray scrubber is often used with activated carbon adsorption facilities, the removal efficiency of waste gas is up to 95%.

Spray scrubber has two types: horizontal and vertical, are widely used for waste gas treatment in chemicals, mechanize, hardware, electrical appliance, medicine and other processing industries.

Advantages of Spray Scrubber
●Wide application. Our spray tower applies in all kinds of waste gas, including acid fog, nitrogen oxides, SO2, HCI, HF, NH3, NOX, etc. Besides that, it is also used for deodorization treatment of of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, phenol phosgene, formaldehyde, methanol and other odor substances.
●High purification efficiency. The purification efficiency can reach 95%.
●Good energy-saving effect and low operating cost. Our spray tower has low running resistance, high cool efficiency, and it can save energy 20%
●Stable performance, low noise and less influence of environment.
●Convenient installation, easy maintenance, long service life, and cost saving.

How the Spray Scrubber Tower Works?
First, waste gas is collected in advance through the gas-collecting hood, and continuously transported to the cleaning equipment under the action of fan. Then, waste gas is transported to the inside of tower for purification through the ventilation pipe. During the washing process in spray tower, odorous gas components contained in waste gas contact with acid or alkaline spray for neutralization. After spraying, water mist will form a large porous processing layer at the packing layer, which helps spray tower clean waste gas further. Water mist will go back the water tank of spray tower for reuse after passing packing layer.

Spray scrubber contains automatic mixing and dosing system, which can automatically check the pH value of neutralization liquid and fill the medicament based on the concentration of neutralization liquid. It keeps neutralization liquid in a certain state, and does not cause the phenomenon of uneven or leakage treatment caused by the deviation of the neutralization liquid.

Waste gas passes through packing layer from bottom to top, and is evenly sprayed into the packing layer through the liquid distributor. Later, waste gas flows down along the surface of packing layer, and enters into circulating water tank. Because of the constant contact between the uprising gas and falling absorbent in the packing layer, the concentration of liquid of uprising flow is decreasing, and reaches the emission specifications.

Structure of Spray Scrubber
Packing layer is the main part that contacts gas with liquid. The packing layer is divided into two parts, and the redistribution device is set in the middle.  The bottom of spray tower is equipped with a plate for supporting packing media. Press plate is installed above the packing layer to prevent packing media from being blow by the updrafts. Liquid is sprayed from the top of tower to packing media through the liquid distributor, and flows down along the packing layer’s surface.

Gas firstly enters into tower from the bottom and passes through gas distribution devices. Then gas and liquid will pass the gap of packing layer in reverse-flow to make close contact on the surface of the packing media. When fluid flows along the packing layer, it will cause the phenomenon of wall-flow. The phenomenon leads to the uneven distribution of gas and liquid in the packing layer, thus the mass transfer efficiency is reduced.

Installation of Waste Gas Purification Tower
●Tower body, water pump and fan are suggested to install on the concrete bed, and the equipment is fixed by expansion bolt.
●When air temperature is low in winter, freeze-prevention measures must be taken at the water tank of equipment.
●The water tank is marked with fluid level. The absorption fluid must be injected before operation according to the fluid level, and added in time during operation.
●When operating the machine, you should turn on the circulating water pump, and then the air blower. When making the machine halt, turn off blower 1-2 minutes early and then the circulating water pump.
●Regularly check the liquid depth of water tank and gas purification degree of air outlet based on using condition. Change the absorption liquid of water tank timely according to the running situation.
●The equipment should be overhauled within one to two years. Check the spray tube, packing layer, and clean it regularly.

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