Introduction of Airflow Gravity Separator
Airflow gravity separator is one new screening equipment produced by our company, also is the common environment-friendly device used for mixture separation in recycling industries. Our airflow gravity separator is suitable for separation of metals and nonmetals, including powder materials, granular materials and mixed materials. It can separate mixed materials into two parts based on the copper metal gravity separatorspecific gravity of the material, particle size and shape.

More and more mixed materials need to be classified due to the demand of  market, the application of air separator is becoming more and more extensive. Our airflow gravity separator is applied in many industries, such as mining, chemical, metal recycling industry, especially plays an important role at PCB recycling system.

Advantages of Airflow Gravity Separator
● Full automatic control, easy operation and labour saving. Our airflow separator can realize automatic feeding, continuous operation and automatic separation after manual feeding.
● Low noise and no secondary pollution. Materials needs no subsequent treatment after separation.
waste gravity separator● High separation efficiency. The purity of material can reach 90% after separation.
● Structure is compact with small volume and floor area; easy to operate and maintain; with strong practicability and stable performance.

Wide application of Airflow Gravity Separator
◆Chemical: Aluminum hydroxide, epoxy resin and various additives.
◆Metal: Aluminum powder, copper powder, magnesium powder, zinc powder and various metal particles.
◆Other materials: Ceramic materials, refractory materials, magnetic materials, phosphor powder, etc.

Working Principle of Airflow Gravity Separator
gravity separatorThe basic principle of air separation is that the airflow will lift up the lighter materials out of the equipment or take them away horizontally, while heavier materials will fall because the upward airflow can not support its weight, in other words, it will sink because its inertia is so great that its direction won’t change drastically. During separation, adjusting of inverter and air volume will change the direction and speed of particle movement. In the end, the terminal velocities of material is different, and different materials are separated into different feeder to achieve the effective separation.
On the one, light materials taken away is transported into the feeder once, on the other hand, heavier materials is separated from the mixed materials and enters into another feeder. The falling granular materials in airflow is affected by three forces, which are gravity, buoyancy, resistance. Therefore, when operating the equipment, change of air quantity and speed will influence buoyancy and resistance. The force that overcomes the buoyancy and makes the particles rise or fall is called effective gravity.

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