Double shaft shredder is appropriate for waste materials recycling requirements of various industries, such as electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, scrap rubber, packing barrel, layer board and so on. There are a wide range of recyclable materials, and materials after shredding can directly be reused or for further refining treatment according to requirements. This double shaft shredding machine has the characteristic of slow speed of revolution, high pulling torque and low noise, etc. Adopting PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) control system, it can automatically control the start and stop function, reversal function, and automated inversion of control function when overloading of this twin shaft shredder, which greatly lowers labor and meanwhile generates high efficiency.

Double Shaft

Outstanding Superiority of Double Shaft Shredder

  • Main engine of double shaft shredding machine adopts high grade steel plate for welding, making sure the stability of equipment in long time heavy loading.
  • Shaft block adopts the patented detachable type, which makes it convenient to tear down the moving blade, fixed knife and other component quickly, and easy to maintain and replace the blade.
  • Moving blade adopts special alloy tool steel as material and uses precision forging machine to forge, and it is able to be re-used and repaired to use through multiple heat treatment and low temperature refrigeration treatment. While the stationary knife adopts the patented hook type installation, optimizing cutter changing function.
  • Cutter shaft is crafted from high-intensity and heavy-load dedicated steel, cooperating with cutter more reasonably to provide strong power for cutting.
  • Compared with single shaft shredder, the double shaft shredding machine can easily crush large size materials, like board, wood, tire and so forth.


Working Principle of Double Shaft Shredder:
For different materials, there should be different blade types. Our twin shaft shredder has four different blade type: one-claw blade, two-claw blade, four-claw blade and multiple claw blade, and the thickness ranges from 10mm to 80mm. The blade type and blade thickness can be designed according to the materials and requirements of customers. The installing form of blade can be divided into integral installation and detachable installation (we recommend to use detachable installation for Model XD-1000 and the above model machine, convenient for later blade replacement).

Applications of Double Shaft Shredder:

Due to its versatility, this series of double-shaft shredders can be commissioned in a multitude of industries including but not limited to:

  • Rubber Recycling: rubber sheet, rubber pad, car tires, heavy truck tire
  • Metal recycling: steel drum, steel sheet, steel cans, aluminum cans, aluminum rods, etc.
  • E-waste (electronics waste) or WEEE recycling
  • Wood Recycling: lumber, wooden pallets, furniture, tree branches, wooden frame, etc.
  • Destruction of products for liability issues suchas sensitive documents including computer storage media such as hard disks, x-rays, expired goods, outdated stock, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Size reduction in wastewater treatment plants and other municipal applications.
  • Pre-cutting other solids such as destruction of foods, pallets, steel and plastic drums, furniture, construction debris, containers, corrugated boxes, packaging, labels, and other bulky materials.

Technical Parameter of Twin Shaft Shredder

Model Power


Thickness of moving blade (mm) Rotate speed (rmp) Dimension

(L*W*H mm)

WST-600 0.75+7.5  30  15-24 2800*1300*1850  2300
WST-800 15+15 40 15-24 3200*1300*1950 3300
WST-1000 18.5+18.5 50 15-24 3200*1300*2000 5000
WST-1200 37+37 50 15-24 4000*1400*2300 8000
These discs (blades) can be designed with different types and various thickness according to customer requirement.

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