Single shaft shredder can meet the requirements of waste recycling in various industries, and a wide variety of recyclable materials are available, such as plastics, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, domestic waste and so on. It is also suitable for recycling all kinds of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, plastic containers and plastic buckets and plastic pads. The minimum material size of discharging is 20mm, each type of feed bucket can be provided according to the demand of the customer. The equipment is low speed turning, low noise and more energy saving.

Range of Application:

Plastic – molded plastic, blown film, nosing plastic and other general purpose plastics

Wood – wooden pallet, logs, wood scrap etc.

Paper – document paper, wrapping paper, cardboard, etc.

Cable- copper core cable, aluminum core cable and composite material cable.

Aluminum – a cans, aluminium scrap.

Chemical fiber – carpet, labor uniforms.

Sponge – industrial waste.

Composite materials – glass fiber products, car windshield, sealant, etc.

Destruction – imitation, off-test product, expired items, etc.

 single shaft shredder

Working Principle of Single Shaft Shredder:

Single shaft shredder is made of a moving cutting plate and a static knife, which finish cutting material function. The cutting plate is composed of base shaft and number of the moving quadrilateral knife block, four cutting edges on the moving knife block are replaced to use. The moving cutting blocks in V type are arranged several rows along the basic shaft, and fixed it on the base shaft with screws, rotate together with it, this is the moving cutting plate. There are two groups of static knives fixed on the rack.

Material is driven by a horizontal hydraulic cylinder to the direction of the cutting plate, the speed is stable and adjustable, and the propelling force is large and uniform. Material is ripped into small pieces by tearing, extruding, shearing, and so on, then fall through a sieve, and transport through the auxiliary conveyance equipment to the next process or to collect and pack.

Advantages of Single Shaft Shredder:

  1. Design of external bearing is waterproof and dustproof, which prolong the service life of the bearing.
  2. The blade uses cold working die steel, has good strength, high toughness, and high cutting performance.
  3. The blade has four cutting edges, they can rotate 90° after wear and continue to use.
  4. Hardened reducer has high transmission efficiency, strong bearing capacity, and low noise.
  5. GL series single shaft shredding machine is controlled automatically by microcomputer (PLC), it has the function of starting, stopping, reversing and overloading automatic inversion control when.
  6. The minimum material size of discharging is 20mm, each type of feed bucket can be provided according to the demand of the customer.

cutters rank

Technical Parameter of Single Shaft Shredder: 

Model Main motor(kw) Size of feed opening(mm) Moving cutter(piece) Static cutter Capacity (kw/h) Weight(kg) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm)
WST600s 18.5 600*700 24 1 300-500 1550 1700*1130*1780
WST600 22 600*1100 34 1 500-700 2000 1865*1420*1800
WST800S 30 800*1100 46 2 700-800 2800 2470*1420*2000

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