E-waste precious metal refining system is designed to refine and recover precious metals like gold, silver, palladium(Pd) and platinum(Pt) from electronic waste (e-waste) like circuit boards, including CPU, RAM, pins, and other computer components. E-waste is classified as hazardous material therefore should be managed properly. However, the presence of precious metals (PMs) in e-waste E-waste precious metal refiningsuch as gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), Gallium (Ga), palladium (Pd), tantalum (Ta), tellurium (Te), germanium (Ge) and selenium (Se) makes it attractive for recycling. Precious metals refining is an industrial process through which impurity present in electronic scrap material is eliminated and metals with a high purity are collected. The purity of refined precious metal can reach up to 99.99%.

There are many common resources of scrap materials with precious metal in daily life, such as computers, equipment for information and communication technology like waste mobile phone circuit board, home appliances (e.g., TV, washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators, etc.), audio & video products and all of their peripherals, industrial offal in electroplate factory, electronic parts and components factory, E-waste Precious Metal Recycling Plantprinting house, photosensitive material factory and electronic equipment factory, etc. With over 300 tonnes of gold used in electronic components such as IC, contacts and bonding wires each year, end-of-life electronic equipment offers an important recycling potential for the secondary supply of gold. For instance, gold concentrations could reach 300-350g/t for mobile phone handsets and 200-250 g/t for computer circuit boards, which requires specialized metallurgical processes treatment to recover gold and a wide range of other precious metals efficiently and in an environmentally sound way.

The use of electronic devices has proliferated in recent decades, and proportionately, the quantity of electronic devices, such as PC, mobile telephone and entertainment electronics that are disposed of, is growing rapidly throughout the world. According to the report, Apple extracted over $40 million in gold from its electronic devices in 2015. So it is conceivable that the electronic waste recycling industry for precious metals could boom. Therefore, we offer cost-effective e-waste precious metal recycling system to sort, refine, extract and recycle valuable precious metals like gold, silver, Pd and Pt from electronic wastes containing chips component and anode slime, which makes it easier to extract gold from circuit boards and small electronic devices than it is to mine for the yellow precious metal.

In fact, there is a good deal of metal in circuit boards, including copper(about 40%), gold, silver and nickel. The proportion of gold and silver in printed circuit board is much more than that in gold ore mineral. So this precious metal recycling plant is used to deal with waste circuit boards to make further economic benefits. In virtue of easy operation, people can use our precious metal refinery machine and patent chemical to strip gold from PCB surface, and extract gold from solution. And the process of gold stripping has no acid and some other harmful material for  workers and surroundings. Recycling of e-waste for metal recovery is also important from the perspective of saving energy.

E waste recycling and recoveryFeatures of E-waste Precious Metal Recycling Plant
▽ High extraction technology and accurate evaluation.
▽ It is a safe and eco-friendly system with short processing flow due to adopting cyanide-free environmental protection hydro-metallurgy technique, greatly reducing the pollution to environment.
▽ Liquid waste can discharge to reach standard after processing.
▽ The re-utilization rate of precious metal(gold, silver, palladium and platinum) can reach up to 97% – 99%.
▽ The fineness of precious metal can reach up to 99.99%.
▽ With highly automated operating process, our E-waste precious metal recycling plant can significantly cut down labor cost.

Working Flow of E-waste Precious Metal Recycling System
Precious Metal Recycling SolutionIt is feasible to use the ozone addition method to roast, and adopt the soluble carrier, leaching copper, Pb-Sn and hydrochloric acid medium to leach and extract gold, platinum and palladium from roasting residue. For chip capacitors with high content silver and palladium, it is better to independently use acid process to refine silver palladium, while for the gold-filled circuit board and plug-in components, it’s better to adopt cyanide-free environmental gold stripping agent for fast plating stripping. For the surface containing silver and palladium, metallic packaging triode and integrated circuit, after using specialized cutting machine to chip off the metal shell and get the chips, people can refine the valuable metal according to the chip and integrated circuit solution. For electrolytic capacitor with high aluminum content, through the dry rolling process, workers can directly smelt metallic aluminium after rolling and crushing. For voltage stabilizing diode, some variable capacitance diode, glass sealed element and plastic sealed luminous tube, operators should extract and purify the valuable metal after rolling compaction and squashing. For circuit board, using organic acid can realize circulatory lixiviation and produce electrolytic copper through liquid electrolysis, and for circuit board with palladium, it also needs to use acid to lixiviate palladium, then extract palladium.

Necessary Equipment

Equipment Qty
electrolytic tank 3 sets
enamel reactor 3 sets
vacuum filter unit 1 set
flue gas control system 1 set
centralized control system 1 set


Technical Parameter

Model GJ-100 GJ-300
Power (kw) 20 30
Purity ≥99.95% ≥99.95%
Recycling rate ≥99% ≥99%
Production ≤100kg/d ≤300kg/d


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