Radiator Recycling Machine Introduction
Radiator recycling machine is designed to process scrap aluminium copper radiator normally used in air conditioning units. Cut the clean radiator neatly into 30-40cm wide, and then put into the material inlet, within seconds copper pipes and aluminum fin will be discharged separately. Copper pipe will keep complete, while aluminium fin will be a little broken for one-row radiator and keep complete for two-row radiator. The machine proves itself to be the best choice for scrap radiator recycling.

Radiator_Separating_MachineFeatures of Radiator Separating Machine
1. Compact structure, taking up small area.
2. Humanized design, easy to operate.
3. High efficiency, separation within seconds.
4. Labor saving, use automatic recycling instead of labor working.
5. No damage to copper pipes, no copper loss, practical and economical.
6. Low investment, high profit.
7. The voltage can be customized as per your requirements


Application of Radiator Recycling Machine
1. The machine is specially used for processing aluminium copper radiators.
2. The machine is suitable for separating one-row and two-row radiators. For radiators of more than 2 layers, please use a band saw to cut them into one layer or two layers.
3. Center distance of two copper pipes in radiators shall be 19mm or 21mm or 25mm. We could also customize as per the specific conditions.
Working Process of Radiator Separating Machine
1. Cut off the iron ends from the radiator, in case they will damage the blades.
2. Cut the clean radiators to 30-40cm wide with a band saw to fit the width of material inlet (We also provide the band saw if you need it).
3. To process two-row radiators, remove the roller from the lower cutter shaft to expose the blades.
4. Push radiators into material inlets according to the respective center distance, the left(right) side of radiators must touch the left(right) side of material inlet, thus each feeding gear will be at the middle of each two copper pipes.


5. For two-row radiators, the first copper pipe in the upper layer shall be nearer to the left side, otherwise the copper pipes won’t come out. You can also make the right side of radiators touch the right side of material inlets, then the first copper pipe in the lower layer shall be nearer to the right side.
6. Feeding gears gnaw at radiators and take them into the machine, the blades are right above each copper pipe and gash the aluminium fin, then copper pipes and aluminum fin will come out from the outlet automatically.
Technical Parameters of Radiator Separator Machine



1. The height of two adjusting wheels of each pair (total three) should be the same, or the radiator fin will be deviated, and the blades will not be able to cut the copper pipes.
2. If the radiators run deviated, use the two direction switch to get the radiator out, turn it over and then feed it again into the machine.
3. Inject oil into the two oil holes to lubricate gears every 4 working hours.
4. It’s not allowed to wear gloves when operating the radiator separator.

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