Introduction of Radiator Recycling Plant
Radiator recycling plant is specially designed for crushing scrap air conditioning radiator, and then separate copper, aluminum and iron for recycling. Having high automation and high efficiency, this radiator crushing machine is quite suitable for recycling large quantity of scrap radiators.


Advantages of Radiator Recycling Plant
* Adopt electric control cabinet to control the whole system.
* High efficiency, saving labour and cost.
* The separating rate can reach 99.8%.
* Adopt cyclone dust collector, no pollution to the environment.
* Low noise, the noise is not more than 85db.
* The voltage can be customized as per your requirements.
Main Equipment of Radiator Crusher and Separator
The radiator recycling line consists of the following equipment:
1. Belt Conveyor: to connect the whole line and convey scrap radiators to crusher.
Dimension: 3000*1400*2500mm Voltage/Power: 380V/2.2kw
2. First Crusher (Double-shaft Crusher): to cut radiators into 10-20mm length, then the crushed material is transported by the conveyor belt to the second crusher.
Dimension: 1100*1800*1960mm Voltage/Power: 380V/22kw


3. Belt Conveyor: to transfer the first crushed materials for the second crushing.
Dimension: 3300*1100*2500mm Voltage/Power: 380V/2.2kw
The material will not fall down from the conveyor. Loading capacity: 1000kg/h.
4. Second Crusher: After transported to this crusher, the 10-20mm material is shredded by this crusher to smaller pieces.
Dimension: 1700*1550*2900mm Voltage/Power: 380V/55kWw
5. Magnetic Separator: to separate iron from the crushed mixture, so that copper and aluminum can be separated easily.
Dimension: 3500*1500*2100mm Voltage/Power: 380V/1.5kw
6. Vibrating Separator: to separate copper pieces from aluminum pieces based on their different specific gravity.
Dimensions: 3800*2000*4000mm Voltage/Power: 380V/17kw
Technical Parameters of Radiator Crushing Plantz



1. The blades of the crushers are made of special tool steel.
2. Check to grind the blades of first crusher every 60 working days. We provide an additional set of blades for free.
3. Check to grind the blades of second crusher every 30 working days.

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